Zhouzhuang is an ancient water town with a history of more than 900 years. It is famed for the meandering waterways and the characteristic architechtures from Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Located southeast of Suzhou downtown, Zhouzhuang has a reputation of “the No. 1 Water Town in China”. As a thousand-year-history ancient town, Zhouzhuang is rated as the cradle of China’s water town culture for its delicate waterways, unique human landscapes and simple folk custom.

What to See/Do: Handicrafts and specialties: Zhouzhuang people are ingenious. They have developed plenty of high-level of traditional crafts, such as the representative bamboo weaving technics and copper incensories. The teapot here is different from elsewhere’s for it is made of stone and lifelike stone carvings can be seen at the teapot wall, which we can say is a kind of exquisite craft for people who love Chinese tea culture. Specialties such as Suzhou embroidery and pearl can be found everywhere here. In addition, if you buy pieces of decorative pictures that show four seasons’ landscapes of the town and mount them with compact frames, you are exactly trying to bring Zhouzhuang to your hometown.

There are a number of tourist spots at Zhouzhuang. Here we list three of them for your reference:

The Twin Bridges (Shuang Qiao): The two bridges are composed of a stone arch bridge and a stone beam bridge, which were built in Ming Dynasty and rebuilt for several times in Qing Dynasty. Due to their unique combined shape of an ancient Chinese key, these two bridges have attracted lots of tourists. The blue water and the green trees alongside the two bridges present an ancient scene of Zhouzhuang water town to tourists.
Shen House (Shen Ting): Located on Nanshi Street of Zhouzhuang, it is facing the west, with over 100 rooms distributed on two sides of the central axis of the residence. The whole residence covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters. The residence was built by Shen Benren (the offspring of the famous ancient millionaire Shen Wansan of Yuan Dynasty) in the reign of emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty (in the year 1742). The front door area of the residence was used for berthing boats and washing clothes. The center of the residence was used for entertaining guests, holding big events and meetings. The back halls were used for daily life.
Quanfu Long Bridge: To the end of the Nanhu Wharf of Zhouzhuang town, people can firstly see the Quanfu Long Bridge, which has a length of 235 meters. The bridge was built with 43 arched bridge openings. This long dragon– like bridge lies across the green lake water giving people a sense of rare beauty.

Address: 28km southeast of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Opening time: 08:00 – 21:00
Public transport: Take bus at Suzhou North Bus Station during 07:05 and 17:05 at 17.5rmb each.


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