Located in Yiwa Town of Diebu County, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Gannan, Gansu Province, Zhagana Mountain ranges are a natural “stone city”. The landform of the mountain ranges are like a huge natural palace and also like a completed ancient city composed of natural palisades.

This magnificent stone palace has precipitous mountain ranges and gorgeous landscapes. Although it is reputed as “the birth land of Adam and Eve” by American explorer, Joseph Rock, in about one hundred years ago, it is still a virgin land now.

What to See/Do: To the north of the mountain ranges is the lofty and marvelous Guanggaishan Stone Peak; to the east are sheer and steep palisades that are soaring into clouds; to the south are two lofty stone peaks that are paralleled as a stone gate. Lose yourself in this natural wonderland is the best way to appreciate its beauty.
Duration: 1 – 2 days
Admission: Free
Address: Yiwa Town, Diebu County, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Gannan, Gansu Province.
Opening time: The village opens all day.
Public transport: Take coaches at Lanzhou South Long Distance Passenger Station at 08:40, 09:40 or 10:20 to Diebu County, then charter a car at Diebu County at 60 to 100RMB for a single trip for half an hour to arrive a certain village of Yiwa Town; Or self-driving.


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