Namtso Lake, Lake Manasarovar and YamdrokTso Lake are three holy lakes in Tibet. YamdrokTso Lake is the largest inland lake at the north foot of Himalayas.

YamdrokTso Lake covers an area of 675 square kilometers and has a lake elevation of 4,441 meters, the scenery area on the lake and around the mountain is said to be the most beautiful place at south of Tibet.

Evolution and formation: YamdrokTso is a barrier lake on plateau consists of three small lakes. It was formed due to blocking of debris flow one hundred million years ago. The lake’s shape is irregular. Besides, there are many bifurcations; the bank is twists and turns. It was once an exorheic lake and the water flew into the Yarlung Zangbo River. Now the lake water flow backwards and becomes a inland lake.
What to See/Do: Animals: There are 21 islets in YamdrokTso Lake, on which flocks and herds are shattered here in spring and summer. In addition, these islets are also the paradise of migrant birds, such as yellow ducks, swans, egret and sea mews. YamdrokTso Lake is also a natural fish storeroom, in which you may find plankton.
Views: YamdrokTso is a landscape of lakes and mountains. This picturesque landscape gives you a sense of locating yourself into a fairyland on earth. YamdrokTso Lake is a unique natural scenery area combining lake on plateau, snow mountain, islets, pasture, hot spring, wild fauna and flora and temples. Furthermore, there is also perpetual ice peaks, the highest peak can be amount to 7,000 meters high. Tourists often enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave when seeing the lake, snow peak and blue sky.
Duration: 1 hour
Admission: 40RMB
Address: Langkazi County, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region.
Opening time: It opens all day.
Public transport: Self – driving or charter a car.


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