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Chinese New Year Holiday

Chinese New Year Holiday of 2016 actually only lasts from February 7th to 13th, but most Chinese would have their time off before or after
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Chang'an: In A Local's Eyes

Xi’an, the once capital for China’s thirteen ancient dynasties, used to be called Chang'an during its most properous period-Tang Dynasty. On September 11, 2015, I
The Banpo Museum

My Two Days Xi’an City Tour

Last weekend I took a two–day trip from Chengdu to Xi’an with my colleagues. We traveled to Xi’an for a company annual meeting and took
Statues in the Banpo Museum

Weekend Xi'an Tour

On the last weekend, I traveled to Xi’an with my workmates for our annual meeting and also some fun. It was certainly great fun visiting

Xi'an Tours

2 Days Mt. Huashan Adventure Tour

Mount Hua is famous for its lofty peaks and steep
2 days
Terracotta Warriors & Horses Museum
Top Seller

Xi'an Archaeologist’s Dream

Terracotta Warriors & Horses Museum, Hanyang Mausoleum Underground Museum
8 Hours
Top Seller

One Day Private Tour of Terracotta Warriors and Other Optional Attractions

Terracotta Warriors & Horses + customized downtown sightseeing
8 Hours

One Day Religious tour in Xi’an

Explore Temples, Mosque and Church in this multi-cultural city
8 Hours

One Day Xi’an Architecture Tour

discover the ancient buildings in person
8 Hours

One Day History Tour in World Famous Historic City

Shaanxi Provincial History Museum , Xi'an Museum ,Xi'an Stele Forest
8 Hours

Morning City Wall Tour

City Wall Opening Gate Ceremony,City Wall Biking, Park exercising
5 hours

Full Day Xi’an Highlight City Tour

Shaanxi Provincial History Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, City Wall,
8 Hours

Xi’an Classic One Day Tour

Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Great Mosque, City Wall, Bell
8 Hours

Discover the Emperor’s Underground Kingdom

Terracotta Warriors & Horses Museum, Underground Exhibition Hall of Hanyangling
8 Hours

Xi’an Essence One Day Tour

Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Banpo Neolithic Village, City Wall
8 Hours

Half Day Private Tour of Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

Terracotta Warriors & Horses Museum
5 hours

Xi'an FAQs

Counterfeiting is a big problem in China in general and runs a lot deeper than you may initially realize. It is possible to take fake money out of a bank’s ATM so make sure to check your money every time no matter who you are receiving it from.
Use your judgment when people offer you their services. Many scams take place where someone is posing as an official in some way e.g. a licensed tour guide or a monk collecting for charity. Ask questions and be cautious.

You will often find a China Unicom, China Telecom or China Mobile stand at the airport – if not there are plenty of official stores around the city.

Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit Xi’an as it is not too cold nor too hot during these periods.

The popular attractions in the areas surrounding Xi’an include Mount Huashan, Famen Temple, and Mount Taibai.

As an important birthplace of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization, and the origin of Silk Road, Xi’an is a cultural tourism city. Here you will find many popular attractions such as Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, The Terracotta Army, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum, Xi’an City Wall, Drum Tower, and Xi’an Great Mosque.

There are many drugstores on the streets that are easy to find. You can also go to a clinic directly and ask the doctors to diagnose you for a prescription.

You’d better go shopping with your Chinese friends and ask them for help when it comes to haggling, as most sellers cannot speak English in Xi’an.

The number of souvenir shops on Shuyuanjie is more concentrated than other streets of Xi’an. Here you will find many handcrafted items and cultural specialties. If you want to buy food specialties, you can go to the Huimin Street near the Drum Tower.

You can book plane tickets directly at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport in advance, or plane ticket outlets on some streets. You may also book your tickets at the following sites:

You can buy train tickets at the train station in advance, or train ticket outlets on some streets.
You can also buy them online on these sites:

The starting taxi fare is 10yuan for the initial 2 km, and additional cost is 2.4yuan per km in Xi’an. No additional fuel price.
From 23:00 to 06:00 the next day, the starting price will change (1rmb will be added) and 0.3rmb will be added per km.
(Additional fuel price is changing according to the policy(sometimes we don’t need to pay) – don’t be surprised if the driver asks for 1 yuan more than the taximeter shows. )

The departure time for the last train varies for each line, but most lines stop between 23:00 and midnight.
For more information please visit the official Xi’an Subway website

There are two subway lines in Xi’an that can take you to all of the important sight-seeing areas. The subway system is fairly simple to use and there are many apps and maps available for you to use to plan your routes in advance. The Chang An Tong card will make your journey smoother! Don’t expect to pay very much for each journey as the prices are very low.

There are three train stations: Xi’an Railway Station, the main train station bound for the whole country; Xi’an South Railway Station, providing trains bound for Yunnan, Guizhou, Hubei and Chongqing; Xi’an North Railway Station, providing high speed rails and bullet trains bound for big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
There is only one airport – the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport located northwest of Xi’an and northeast of Xianyang City.

Airport Shuttle Bus / Taxi / Private Car are fast and simple to use.
If you are not sure how to get to your accommodation from those stations or if you are in a larger group we recommend you take taxis or book a private transfer in advance.

Xi’an Xianyang International Airport is located 50km northwest of Xi’an’s city center. The airport shuttle bus will take you from the Airport to the city’s center in 1 hour.

There are two subway lines in Xi’an covering the main scenic spots in downtown Xi’an; the two lines are displayed as a cross in the city center.
We advise purchasing a Yikatong (Chang An Tong) card to make your trips hassle-free. These cost 18RMB and can be purchased from bus company outlets, CCB outlets, bus company service centers, or designated metro stations. This Yikatong can be used to take buses, subways and taxis.
Taxi:Similar to New York you won’t need to wait long before spotting a taxi. Make sure to always take the licensed taxis that you can usually spot by their yellow and green coloring. Ask for a ‘fapiao’ (an invoice) at the end of your journey, as this will identify the taxi should you leave anything behind.
Train: There are three train stations: Xi’an Railway Station, the main train station bound for the whole country; Xi’an South Railway Station, providing trains bound for Yunnan, Guizhou, Hubei and Chongqing; Xi’an North Railway Station, providing high speed rails and bullet trains bound for big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The most famous night market is the Muslim Snack Street at Xidajie Zhongduan, which appens to be the only Muslim food street in Xi’an This snack street is open to public the whole day. The other snack areas are Beiyuanmen Night Market at Xidajie Dongduan near the Drum and Bell Towers, Dongxinjie Night Market and Nanshaomen Night Market, Beixinjie Night Market, and Jianxinjie Night Market. These night markets are open from 6pm to midnight.

There are two famous bar streets in Xi’an, one of which is Defuxiang Bar Street starting from Nanmen (South Gate); the other bar street is Datang Tongyifang Bar Street near the Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda. You’ll often find many foreigners having a drink or two around here.

Xi’an is famous for all kinds of steamed buns, such as Roujiamo, Yangrou Paomo, and Zenggao. Also, cold noodles, along with all kinds of noodles, are a specialty for appetizers in Xi’an.

Listed below are some of the most famous restaurants in Beijing. For the best spots we recommend asking the locals!
Shaanxi cuisines: Xi’an Fanzhuang, Chang An Dapaidang, Xibei Youmiancun, Lianhuacanyin, Sanyuan Laohuangjia, Hairong Guotieguan, Meihua Shifu;
Muslim cuisines: Laomijia Dayupaomo, Yiding Huo Guo, REDFORT (Hongbao), Jinxiang Qiangguocheng, Dingjia Xiaoshurou, Tongshengxiang;
Sticky rice pastry (Zenggao): Dongnanya Zenggao, Majia Chuantong Laozenggao;
Foamed mutton bun (Yangrou Paomo): Xiyangshi Laomijia Paomo, Laomijia Dayu Paomo;
Chinese hamburger stuffed with pork (Roujiamo): Ziwulu Zhangji Roujiamo, Qinyu Roujiamo, Liufeng Roujiamo, Wangkui Lazhi Roujiamo, Fanjia Lazhi Roujiamo, Zhaoji Lazhi Roudian;
Cold noodle (Liangpi): Xi’an Qingzhen Shengzhiwang Majiang Liangpi, Weijia Liangpi;
Noodle: Liuxiang Mianguan, Lanzhou Mazilu Niuroumian, Biangbiangmian, Yongming Qishanmian, Qiyue Qishanmian, Laoxi’an Hanji Sanxian Zhumo.

The famous local delicacies in Xi’an include: Chinese hamburger stuffed with pork (Roujiamo), steamed bun stuffed with soup (Guantangbao), cold noodles (Liangpi), spicy and pungent soup (Hulatang), parched rice (Suancaichaomi), bingfeng soda water (Bingfengqishui), sticky rice pastry (Zenggao), crusty pancake (Guokui) and foamed mutton bun (Yangrou Paomo).

You can use your credit card in Xi’an where corresponding credit card marks are shown. We suggest carrying cash with you at all times as credit cards might not be permitted for use at every place.

Once you’ve arrived in Xi’an you can exchange currency immediately in Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. When in the city you can exchange in most banks, the Currency Exchange Business, or directly from an ATM Machine.

If you lose your passport in Xi’an, you should immediately report the loss of your passport to the local Public Security Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration. Then, take the certificate of loss issued by the Bureau and apply for a new passport at the embassy of your country in Xi’an. Afterward apply for a new visa at the local Public Security Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration.

Please visit the Exit and Entry Administration of Xi’an – located near Xixie Qilu bus stop, reachable by bus No.6, 14, 34, 205, 210, 219, 220, 311 or 400. The Bureau is open from 9 am to 16:30 pm Monday to Friday.
Address: No. 2, Keji Road, Yanta Dist, Xi’an.
Address in Chinese: 西安市科技路2号