Located at the center of the Yangshuo County, the West Street is occupied with buildings in ancient style, local souvenirs and local specialties. The street is filled with typical exotic atmosphere, therefore it is also called the “Foreigners’ Street”.

This bustling street is always crowded with local and foreign young people. The pristine lifestyle and the agreeable small lanes also leave a deep impression on tourists.

History: Yangshuo Xijie is one of the oldest streets at Yangshuo County. In the 1970s, Yangshuo County was open up to the outside world; western tourists found this county a “relaxing harbor” for physical and mental fatigue. From then on, they began to write their unique thoughts about Xijie into travel guides due to their deep interests in the local pure and graceful lifestyle and folk culture.
What to See/Do: This over-1,400-year history street is the most prosperous and ancient street and is also a must–see attraction in Yangshuo. The street is less than one kilometer long. It is built like an “S” and is paved with flagstones. It is now still a typical block of the small town but shows a cultural landscape with international style to tourists. There are many restaurants, pubs, cybercafés and handicraft shops which are built in Chinese and western construction styles. Most waiters can speak English and it is also usual to hear other foreign languages here. People can stroll with friends on the street, ride a bicycle, or chat and drink beer outdoor gazing at the shining stars at night. This is absolutely a paradise for you to take a rest.
Address: Xijie Pedestrian Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Antonomous Region.
Opening time: It opens all the day.
Public transport: Walk about 5 to 10 minutes from Yangshuo Passenger Bus Station.


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