Located Duilongdeqing County of Lhasa, Tsurphu Monastery is a main temple of Karma Kargyu of Tibetan Buddhism.

The sea level of this monastery is 4,300 meters and was built in 1189 by Dusong Qianba, the first Karmapa. The world-renowned incarnation system of Tibetan Buddhism was initiated here and later was popularized by other religious sects of Tibetan Buddhism.

Layout: The largest scale of architectures is centered on Dukang Hall and is surrounded by scripture hall, Buddhist college, Esoteric Buddhism practice hall, private residence of living Buddha and monks residences and more. Tsurphu Monastery faces to south where a river flows by; the other three directions are surrounded by mountains. Dukang Hall is surrounded by four Dratsangs. In front of monastery is a grand square where there are 24 stone ladders and a corridor supported by six columns. To the west of Tsurphu Monastery are two white pagodas.
What to See/Do: There are numerous rarely precious historical relics. You will see a stele after enter the grand hall. On this stele is carved with ancient Tibetan languages. It is very important for historians to research politics, economy and religion of Tibetan. The most famous relic is the silver statue of Karmapa Lama’s master, which is said to be the “treasure of the temple”. According to legend, the statue was automatically suspended in the air for seven days. In addition, there are numerous Sariras and statues of other famous achievers.
Duration: 1 day
Admission: 40RMB
Address: Upstream of Chubu Lake, Duilong Deqing County, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region.
Opening time: From 09:00 to 14:00.
Public transport: Take the minibus at the south side of the west of Jokhang Temple which departures between 7 am to 8 am until fully occupied, and return at 3pm. One minibus per day and cost 15RMB Per person.


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