Ten–Mile Gallery (Shi Li Hua Lang)

Ten–Mile Gallery

Yangshuo Ten–Mile Gallery is located at the Moon Hill of the Yangshuo County, Guilin City. Due to the gorgeous and picturesque scenery throughout the journey, this area is commonly known as “The Ten–Mile Gallery”.

Ten–Mile Gallery is the most beautiful part of Yangshuo County. The air here is refreshing and nice. The whole journey along the road is occupied by picturesque scenery. It is a good choice to have a bike ride to visit here, or on foot.

It is said that when the former US president, Jimmy Carter traveled to Yangshuo, he heard from the bodyguards, acting as an advance party to make arrangements, that there were a few quite interesting sights along the Ten-Mile Gallery so he changed the pre-arranged touring plan to ride a bicycle wandering around there. Therefore, the government built a bicycle road here with sightseeing platforms and pavilions for rest in 2000 so that tourists can freely enjoy the sights.

What to See/Do: Traveling to the Ten–Mile Gallery, you can see curvaceous peaks, green fields, villages with aromatic smoke of cooking fires floating lazily aloft, as well as a courtyard in Baopu Garden, an ancient village called Longtan Ancient Village (Dragon Pond Ancient Village). The scenery dotted with houses brings people back to the ancient time to experience the most unsophisticated civilization and culture. Other famous sights are the Haitunchushui (A Dophin Out From the Water) Peak, the Huoyan Mountain (the Mountain of Flames), the Longjiao Mountain (Dragon Horn Peak), the Qing’e Scenery and more. In addition, there are numerous peaks which are the best places to do rock climbing. This area has attracted lots of climbers all over the world. The best travel time of the Ten-Mile Gallery is from April to October, when you can ride a bike to see those beautiful flowers along the road in spring and have a drift to enjoy the great hills and to avoid sunstroke in summer.
Admission: It is free of charge, but you need to buy each entrance ticket when visiting the scenic spots alongside the area.
Address: Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi Province.
Opening time: It opens all the day.
Public transport: You can do a cycling tour here with 10RMB rental fee of the bike a day.


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