Shanghai Museum is located south of Renmin Square at Shanghai city center area. It is a large museum of ancient Chinese art.

It is 29.5 meters high with five floors, covering a total area of 39,200 square meters. There are 11 galleries and three exhibition halls. The exhibition area covers 2,800 square meters, housing about 140,000 valuable historical relics; most of them are bronze wares, ceramics, calligraphy and paintings. Therefore, Shanghai Museum is reputed as “the treasure containing half of China’s historical relics”.

Layout: The whole museum consists of seven floors. Two of them are built underground and others are on the ground. The whole museum is built with a square foundation and a circle roof, which makes it look like a Chinese bronze ware. This is actually the inspiration of an ancient Chinese idea-round sky and square land.
On the first floor, you will see ancient bronze ware gallery, ancient sculpture gallery and an exhibition hall; on the second floor, you will find ancient ceramic gallery and an exhibition hall; on the third floor, you will see calligraphy gallery, seals gallery and paintings gallery; on the fourth floor, you will find ancient jade gallery, coins gallery, gallery of furniture during Ming and Qing Dynasty, gallery of minority handicrafts and an exhibition hall.
What to See/Do: Group Figurines of Twelve Zodiac Animals: Made in Tang Dynasty, each of them combined human body with a different zodiac animal’s head, which is very vivid. They all wear Chinese ancient long dress with wide sleeves, standing there and gazing, with hands folded in front.
Jade Seal of the Northern Song Dynasty:The Jade Seal of the Northern Song Dynasty is also called Flower Jade Seal. This kind of seal was mainly used in Song, Jin and Yuan Dynasties. It is said that people at that time designed their own seals according to their likes as the symbol of their credibility.
Ningzhou Script:This script was written by the famous Chinese politician, historian and scholar of Northern Song Dynasty, Sima Guang, at the age of sixty-seven. In the script, Sima Guang advised his nephew to quit his serving for the country and return home to look after his parents. His calligraphy structure in this script is very neat and the words express his thoughts very well.
Address: No. 201 Renmin Avenue, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Opening time: 09:00 – 17:00
Public transport: Renmin Square Station on subway line 1, 2 or 8; take bus No. 18, 46, 71, 112, 123, 145, 167, 574 or 934.


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