Located on Qomolangma, Rongbuk Glacier consists of two tributaries: east Rongbuk Glacier and west Rongbuk Glacier. Rongbuk Glacier flows northward and forms the Rongbuk valley at north of Qomolangma. So Rongbuk Glacier is originated from Qomolangma.

There are 15 glacier valleys; each of them has an area of 10 square kilometers. While the largest one is Rongbuk Glacier. It is 22.4 kilometers long and has an area about 85.4 square kilometers. The glacier tongue is average 1.4 kilometers wide and 120 meters thick, which is one of the most magnificent views in Tibet.

What to See/Do: There are too many beautiful things such as serac pillars, ice bridges and seracs in thousands of postures. In addition, there are tens of ice cliffs, ice cracks and signs of danger appearing everywhere. It is regarded as “the largest park on mountain” in the world by mountaineers due to its marvelous scenes.
Duration: 2 days
Admission: Free
Address: Qomolangma, Shigatse City, Tibet Autonomous Region.
Opening time: It opens all day.
Public transport: Walk from Everest base camp to glacier world for 3 or 4 hours.


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