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4-5 hour daily hike on the Great Wall designed for travelers who are in good-shape and are interested in having a unique experience at the Great Wall.

HIGHLIGHTS Hiking on the unrestored part of the Great Wall
Experiencing the ashes of the ancient War
INCLUDED Excellent English-Speaking tour guide
Free hotel pick up and drop off service
Bottled Water
Private car or van with professional driver
Travel Agent Insurance
EXCLUDED Gratuities to guides
Entrance Fee
Travel insurance coverage for injuries/accidents

Option A: Jiankou- Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking

Features: Adventurous, ruined, nice scenery, original
Hiking Area: Jiankou Great Wall – Mutianyu Great Wall
Hike time: 4-5 hours and 8 km hike
Hiking level: Intermediate –Advanced
Distance: 80 km from the downtown Beijing
Cable care: Not available
Why choose this route:
Jiankou Great Wall is the most perilous section of the Great Wall in China. It is one of the most scenic stretches of Great Wall around Beijing. This is the real great wall, in the same shape as it was when it was first built; it is not not a stretch of touristy Disney-style walls restored to fit modern standards. Most local outdoor climbing enthusiasts have heard about it. Furthermore, it is the most photographed stretch of Great Wall in China.
Climb up the mountain and get to the wall atop the mountain ridge in 1 hour.. We will start from Zhengbeilou Tower, then walk eastward through ups and downs on the rugged wall along the mountain ridges past the wild and crumbling towers at Jiankou, and reach the restored and magnificent Mutianyu Great Wall. The 8km hike takes about 4-5 hours.

Option B: Gubeikou- Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

Features: unrestored, original, less touristy, beautiful scenery
Hiking Area: Panlongshan Great Wall at Gubeikou and Jinshanling Great Wall (east)
Hiking Time: 5 hours and 10 km hike
Hiking Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Distance: 150km
Cable car: Not available
Why choose this route:
Gubeikou was a strategic passage of the Great Wall in ancient times. For a long time, it was of great military importance and acted as a a vital passage to the capital city from other areas. From ancient times, Gubeikou has worked as a road of strategic importance, connecting the southern and northern parts of the Yanshan Range.
You are arranged to hike Panlongshan Great Wall, named after the name of the mountain on which it lies – Panlongshan Mountain. The hike up and down (no cable car ) takes you approx 2 hours.
After 2 hours of hiking on Panlongshan Great Wall at Gubeikou, we have to get off the wall to keep off a military zone nearby that cuts off the wall. Then we will walk through the path in the field for 1.5 hours. Climb over a hill and soon we will reach Jinshanling Great Wall, where we are going to spend one hour for hiking and photo-taking.

Option C: Jinshanling - Simatai Great Wall Hiking

Features: spectacular pass, steep, ruined, original
Hiking Area: east section of Jinshanling and west section of Simatai
Hiking Time: 3 hours and 5 km hike
Distance: 130km
Hiking Level: Intermediate
Cable car: available (optional)
Why choose this route:
The section of the Great Wall is wild, ruined, unpreserved, original and minimally restored with great photo opportunities. This section has a total length of 11 kilometers. The Jinshanling Great Wall is 700 meters above sea level. You will be able to see Beijing from the highest point on the Jinshanling Great Wall.
There is a cable car path up to the Jinshanling Great Wall. If you take a cable car up, you will skip over 5 watch towers. We suggest that you climb up the mountain, so you can trek across 15 towers and 2 passes in total. The fact is that it is quite easy to walk up to the mountain to start your Jinshanling Great Wall hike. It only takes three hours and is not exhausting at all. After we get to the top, we will get off the wall at Kylin Tower because we won’t be able to hike in the direction of the Simatai East Section due to the temporary closure of Simatai Great Wall.

Option D: Juyongguan Great Wall Hiking

Features: spectacular pass, steep, slender and circular wall, less original
Hiking Area: east and west sections (two semicircles)
Hiking Time: 2 – 3 hours for each section (one semicircle)
Hiking Level: beginner-intermediate
Distance: 60km from the downtown Beijing
Cable car: not available
Why choose this route:
Juyongguan Great Wall is near an ancient military town that is replete with military installations, watch towers, residences of officials, temples, and other structures. The present Pass was initially built in the Ming Dynasty and received much renovation later. It is a very important site, the strategic placement of which connects the inner land and the area near the northern border of China. Climbing the Juyongguan Great Wall takes about 2 hours.

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Jinshanling Wall
Jinshanling Great Wall
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