3 Hours
Max 6, Min 2
72 Hours

A combined Park and Hutong tour providing an ideal insight into the lives of local Beijing people. Matthew, a professional photographer who has lived in Beijing for over 8 years guides the tour. You will experience Beijing in the most visually entertaining and interesting way. While touring Beihai park and the nearby hutongs Matthew introduces his unique perspective on living in this rapidly changing city. Small sized groups are guaranteed to enjoy a participatory tour, meeting and engaging with local people, often taking part in their fun activities.

HIGHLIGHTS Viewing traditional architecture and stunning natural beauty in Beihai Park.
Participating in local activities with Beijingers in Beihai Park.
Enjoying hutong life and exploring the ‘Siheyuan’ courtyard residences.
Visiting Shijia Hutong Museum, the Museum of the history of the hutong and traditional Beijing life.
Detailed explanation throughout the tour from Matthew.
For children: An optional treasure hunt that guides them around Beihai Park and the hutongs, interacting with local residents along the way.
WHY CHOOSE THIS TOUR This tour is highly recommended to visitors who would like to experience traditional elements of Beijing culture but have limited time. Accompanied by Matthew, budding photographers can find hidden perspectives of Beijing. History fans will gain a deep insight into Beijing’s traditional culture. Taking part in typical local activities is a brilliant opportunity for people who are excited to meet and talk to interesting people and make new friends.
INCLUDED Entrance to Shijia Hutong Museum
Local activities in Beihai Park
Professional guide and photographer accompanying you
EXCLUDED Entrance to attractions
Food, drink or souvenirs during the tour
Public Transport (bus, taxi or subway tickets from Beihai park to hutongs, if needed)
Hotel Pickup or Drop-off
Tips for guides
TIPS Walking is required, as such comfortable shoes are recommended
Tour operates depending on weather and Matthew’s availability
All bookings need to be confirmed with Matthew first.

Matthew’s trip consists of 2 main parts: Exploring Beihai Park and a touring the hutongs.


Beihai Park

Beihai Park is an appealing place to visit not only for its traditional temples and pavilions but also for the activities local residents take part in daily in the park’s grounds. Activities include: ballroom dancing, choir, Tai Chi, Chinese theatre and daily exercise. As a friend of many of these groups Matthew bridges the gap between being a bystander looking on and actually taking part. With Matthew, you can meet interesting locals, and enjoy a close up view of Beihai Park.

The Hutongs

Similar to Beihai Park, the hutongs are another place to experience real Beijing culture. As the most traditional Beijing neighborhood the hutong neighborhoods display a collection of typical daily events in the lives of Beijingers, such as: street barbers, tailors and outdoor food stalls.

Shijia Hutong Museum

In addition you will visit Shijia Hutong Museum, the first hutong Museum. Here you will gain even more insight into local life through detailed explanation about the development and history of hutong life.

People Price Group Size
Adult $82 Minimum 2, Maximum 4
Teen under 15 Free Maximum 2
Matthew in Beihai
beihai park people
hutong haircut
hutong majiang
beihai park dance
matthew in beihai park


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