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Modern and ancient; bustling and pacific; crowded and isolated—Chengdu is one of its kind. In this tour, you will explore from the spicy Sichuan cuisine to delicious local snacks, from cute Giant Panda to the leisure local life. Experience Chengdu and you’ll love it.

HIGHLIGHTS Explore the daily life of the Giant Pandas and enjoy close interaction with them
Taste the spicy Sichuan cuisine and some local snacks
Cook your own Sichuan Dishes under the direction of the chef
WHY CHOOSE THIS TOUR Traveling or living in Chengdu can be a great fun. Besides the amazing places of interest, the city offers a lot inviting activities for visitors and expats. Sampling the famous Sichuan food is a must here. The hot and spicy dishes and varied tasty snacks are sure to whip up your appetite. This travel brings you an unique experience of the most important part in Sichuan, Pandas and food.
INCLUDED Excellent English Speaking tour guide
Free hotel pick up and drop off service
Bottled Water
Private car or van with professional driver
Travel Agent Insurance
EXCLUDED Entrance Fee
Gratuities to guides
Travel insurance coverage for injuries/accidents

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Meet up at hotel lobby at 9:00AM

Our guide and driver will meet you at hotel lobby at 9:00AM with a card showing your names. It is very easy to be recognized.

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

There you will see lovely furry giant pandas of all ages eating and playing with each other. You will also have a chance to see the very cute baby pandas, as well as documents and pictures of how these little pink mouse-size things grow to giant white and black chubby pandas of over 100kg (about 220pounds). While at the base, you can also see red pandas and swans.


Our guide will introduce the local nice restaurants according to your flavor, you are suggest to try the Hotpot, the snacks and Sichuan Cuisine.

Sichuan Cuisine Museum

It is the only dynamic museum in the world displaying the Sichuan Culinary Culture. It displays the important parts of Sichuan local culture like Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan wine, Sichuan opera, Sichuan tea, Sichuan architecture, Sichuan gardens and so on, which makes it unique and distinctive from other museums. There are about 6000 collections on Sichuan culinary culture. The museum is built in western Sichuan architecture style, including Classic Collection hall, Kitchen God Ancestral Hall, Raw Material and Processing Tools Display Areas and Interactive Demonstration hall.

In the hall for demonstration, you could enjoy the authentic and traditional Sichuan food made by renowned chefs on site. The most fantastic part of this tour is that you can cook one dish chosen from the menu under the direction of the chef, then of course you can sit down and enjoy the dish you just made, what’s more, a special commemorative certificate issued by the Museum given to the participants. You can also take rest in the idyllic garden, or experience the classical time in the hall for the Kitchen God.


Back to hotel at 5:30PM

Our guide and driver will send you back to hotel at around 5:30PM.

Add on: The famous Sichuan Opera is suggested to enrich your nightlife in Chengdu.Sichuan opera is an important part of Chengdu culture.The opera often presents a charming witty atmosphere. Its varied performances, such as Bianlian (Changing faces), Gundeng (Rolling lamps) and Tuhuo (Spitting fire) are very popular; Bianlian (Changing faces) is famous even overseas for its mysterious techniques.

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Sichuan Cuisine
Sichuan Cuisine Museum
Sichuan Cuisine
Sichuan Cuisine


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