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I am a freelance Chengdu guide. I am also a tour leader, I take Chinese people to other countries also, I have traveled to many countries. I do know what do you need when you are travelling I am from minority area . I know my culture and people very well, I can provide you what exactly you want to see and know.

As a guide , I have the following characters: knowledge, responsibility, flexible, professionalism
many of my clients find I am like an old friend here, but for me I would never treat my clients as friends during the trip, because , I am working, you are playing, I am providing service to you, after the trip, yes we can become friends.

The routines I usually guide is :
1 Chengdu Panda Base-Chengdu city explore ( Jinli Street, Wenshu Monstery etc)
2 Chengdu-Leshan Giant Buddha-Mt.Emei( Emeishan)-Yibin Bamboo Forest
3 Chengdu-Ya’an Bifengxia Panda Base
4 Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong
5 Chengdu National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair translator and assistant / Chengdu National Rum translator

I have fluent English, I have helped rum factories from all the world do the translation on the Rum exbition held in
Chengdu yearly. I can be a businiess asisstant such as: help to find a supplier, raw material, OEM factories. I have helped suit companies to find suppliers in Chengdu local factories.and I have helped wine factories from Europe to find customers, beside , I also teach Sichuan cooking. I am a good Sichuan Cuisine cook, typical Sichuan dishes like Kung Pow Chicken, MapoTofu, or any Sichuan dishes you know, I can cook for you. I know all the good restaurants in Chengdu , I believe food is a part of the local culture.

hope you could enjoy your trip with me ~

Age 29
Experience 5 years
Licensed Yes

What I Offer:
Trip Planning
8 Hours Guide Service
Hotel Pick up and Drop off
Travel Insurance
Wifi Access

Aline from Chengdu
Aline from Chengdu
Aline from Chengdu
Aline from Chengdu


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