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As the center of the Chinese empire for more than 600 years, Beijing has more signature dishes than other major cities. It’s rich cuisine culture from tradition Beijing duck to hot pot, noodles to dumplings, temple restaurant to fantastic street food. You want to experience a bite of Beijing like a local? Ok, we’ll get you there!

HIGHLIGHTS Explore the local morning market
Taste of local breakfast
Touring the hutongs (alley) by Rickshaw
Visiting a courtyard family and get to know more about local people in Beijing
Choose your own dishes in Beijing authentic restaurant
Savour the tastes of street snacks
WHY CHOOSE THIS TOUR This is a one part culture, one part adventure food trip. We will get you travel like the locals and discovery all the hidden delicious delicacies.
INCLUDED Excellent English Speaking tour guide
Free hotel pick up and drop off service
Bottled Water
Private car or van with professional driver
Travel Agent Insurance
EXCLUDED Entrance Fee
Gratuities to guides
Travel insurance coverage for injuries/accidents

Meet up at hotel lobby

Your guide will meet you at the hotel lobby at 07:00AM. A glimpse of Chinese morning market, various ingredients for Chinese food recipes are available in local food and vegetable markets. After local breakfast nearby, hutong rickshaw tour is arranged in the morning and our guide will design your own cuisine tour route according to your interests and taste.

Local Morning Market

20 Mins walk along the local morning market. Chinese condiments and various ingredients for Chinese food recipes; cooking oil, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, white vinegar & dark vinegar, cooking wine and fresh root ginger, garlic, chilies, scallion, salt and MSG; various ingredients are available in local food and vegetable markets. The common ingredients are Chinese cabbage, turnips, radish, carrot, spinach, rape, celery, Chinese chive (leek), mustard and many more. For meat, we have chicken, pork, lamb, beef, duck, fish etc.

A La carte Breakfast nearby

You will have a la carte breakfast here. Just name some the most famous snacks here. Lvdaguan is made of glutinous millet flour and soybean flour. Nian Gao (glutinous rice cake), Dou Bao (steamed buns with smashed red bean stuffing), Xi Zi Bing (a cake with the Chinese character for “happiness” on it) and Mian Yu’er (cake shaped like a fish) are some of the most popular foods at the store during big holiday shopping. Ai Wo Wo, a white glutinous rice cake with a variety of stuffing, Wan Dou Huang, a smooth tasting yellow pea cake, and Jiao Quan, deep-fried crispy flour ring and many more.

Hutong rickshaw tour

Walk for 20 mins get the Nanluoguxiang Hutong, which is lined with numerous trendy bars, yummy restaurants, unique hostels and lively themed stores. Its vernacular courtyard houses, grey-colored, accompanied by old trees, showcase the solid books of Beijing’s traditional architecture.

Then get on a rickshaw to get through the zigzag and narrow alleys or hutongs. Two people share one rickshaw. Arrive at an old courtyard and begin you will visit the local family. Our guide will show you the history, the layout, Fengshui of Siheyuan(courtyard)and the Chinese traditonal culture involved.


Lunch at Nanluoguxiang Snack Street

You are suggested to try the ZA MO-Chinese Pizza, Kaorouren-Barbecue, Guoke- Flax Milk with Tea, Wenyu-Cheese and so on.

Customized Sightseeing for afternoon activities

Option A : Walk along the Tobacco Pipe Lean Street , Qianhai Park, Donghuamen Snack Street(Beijing traditional Snacks, such as Luzhu(quick boiled tripe), Baodu, Jiaoquan)
Option B: Pay a visit to the Prince Gong’s Palace, The Confucius Temple, Qianmen Snack Street (Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant, Duyichu Restaurant)

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3 $89 per person
4 $69 per person
5 $59 per person
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7 $45 per person
8 $39 per person
9 $39 per person
10 $39 per person


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