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Mount Huashan is located in Shaanxi Province, 120 kilometers away from Xian. It is not only as one of the sacred Taoist mountains in China, but also a very challenging mountain for hiking lovers. Mount Hua is famous for its lofty peaks and steep paths. Some travelers who have walked the Skywalk (Plankroad in the Sky) describe Mount Hua Hiking as the “Most Dangerous Hike in the World”. Well, this used to be true many years ago when little safe facilities were constructed, such as the cable way, tight wire, handrails. Today, it is available for most travelers to climb from the foot to the top of the mountain.
Unlike other typical mountains with one central dominating peak, Mount Hua is spread out into five peaks situating close – South Peak, North Peak, East Peak, West Peak and Central Peak. The South Peak is the highest peak of Mount Hua with an elevation of 2164 meters. The North Peak has the entrance to other peaks. The Central Peak is the region for temples, guest house, etc

HIGHLIGHTS Clime up on the steep footsteps of Mount Hua and enjoy the beautiful veiws around.
Enjoy the marvelous sunrise from the peak of Mount Hua.
INCLUDED Private air conditioned vehicle
English Speaking tour guide
Accommodation on the East Peak
Travel Agent Insurance
EXCLUDED Gratuities to drivers and guides
Entrance Fee
HIKING TIPS Things to take: sports shoes or hiking boots, sticks, cap, sun-glasses, sunscreen, bottles of water, snacks, pocket knife, lip balm and first aid kit.
Using toilets at the entrance of the mountain. No toilets on the hiking route. Please always carry toilet paper by yourself.
You will return to your hotel around 6:00pm depending on the traffic and don’t arrange any activity in the evening
We have two bottles of water for each person.
Wearing pants and long-sleeves even in summer to hike through jungles and bushes.
You are responsible for your travel insurance for your coverage of injury or accident.
Be a green and responsible hiker, taking nothing but photos and leaving nothing but footprint

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Day 1 Mount Huashan Hiking

Pick up at Hotel Lobby at 8:30AM. Drive to Mt. Hua for 1.5 hours. Upon arrival, you will start your adventure hiking from Yuyuan Temple. Walk about 20 minutes to the entrance of Mount Huashan. Then climb the stone stairs uphill to Huixin Rock. This section is easily with good road condition, which still has to take about 2 hours. From Huixin Rock, the real serious hiking starts. The stairs become narrow and steep. You must climb with fully concentration, and hold the iron chains tight. It takes about another 2 hours to get to the North Peak. Take a rest for sightseeing. Then you will leave North Peak to East Peak, which takes about 2~3 hours. On route, you will visit the Heavenly Ladders, Riyue Cliff, Canglong Ling, Golden Lock Pass. Spend some time to views the breathtaking landscape on the East Peak.

Accommodation: single bed on East Peak


Day 2 Mount Huashan Hiking

Get up very early to witness the breathtaking sunrise landscape. Then hike about 1.5 hours to the South Peak. This section is very steep. The famous Sky walk is located on route. South Peak is the highest peak on Mount Hua. The landscape here is fabulous. After sightseeing, follows a leisure downhill hiking to the Central Peak, which usually takes about 30 minutes. The Central Peak is relatively lower, and many Taoist temples and buildings gather here. Then hike to the West Peak to take cable way downhill to the foot of Mount Hua. Drive back to Xi’an.

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