Located center of Tibet Autonomous Region, Namtso is the second largest lake, as well as the third largest salty lake in China. The lake surface elevation is 4,718 meters. It resembles a rectangle. It is over 70 kilometers long, 30 kilometers wide and covering an area of more than 1,920 square kilometers.

Namtso is one of the three “heavenly lakes” of Tibet and is also the first holy lake in ancient Zhangzhung Buddha dharma (古像熊佛法). It is a famous Buddhism holy land.

Formation and Evolution: Namtso Lake is located on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; the plateau is the outcome of the squeezing between Eurasian Plate and Indian Plate in the orogenic movement of about 70 million years ago. As for Namsto, it was formed due to the sinking during the Himalayan movement between the end of the Tertiary period and the early of Quaternary period.
Layout: The shape of Lamtso Lake is like a motionlessly sleeping Tārā. To the south of the lake are 18 girders; to the north of the lake are 18 islets. There are four temples around the lake; on the temples are many natural figures of Buddha. These temples are the must – go places for devout religions.
What to See/Do: Yingbin Stone: Yingbin Stone is also the door – god of Namtso. According to legend, Namtso was a nymph who controlled fortune on the northern Tibet grassland. When people got out for dealing with business, they would firstly come here to pray for good fortune.
Hezhang Stone: Hezhang Stone is also called “parents stone”. According to legend, it was the incarnation of the father, Nyenchen tanglha peaks and the mother, Namtso Lake. Hezhang Stone represents the undying love between them.
The Goodwill and Evil Cave: Tibet Buddhism believe that the heaven would know what you did are right or wrong. You can pass through the cave no matter what your appearance is as long as you don’t make mistakes. This cave is a warming given by Buddhas.
Duration: 1 – 2 days
Admission: From May 1 to Oct 31: 120RMB
From Nov 1 to Apr 30: 60RMB
Address: Namtso Lake, Dangxiong County, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region
Opening time: All Day.
Public transport: Renting a car is necessary


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