Maiji Mountain is also called Maiji Cliff. Located 50 kilometers southeast of Tianshui downtown, this mountain is an isolated peak which belongs to the west Qinling Mountains.

Maiji Mountain belongs to the Maiji Mountain scenic spot, together with other famous spots such as the Maiji Mountain Grottoes scenic spot, the Xianren Cliff (the Immortal Cliff) scenic spot, the Shimen (Stone Gate) scenic spot, the Qu River scenic spot, as well as the Jieting Ancient Town. The rocks on the mountain are all purple-brown sedimentary rocks. Maiji Mountain is a precipitous isolated peak with an elevation of 1,742 meters. This mountain looks very gloomy with dark clouds, rolls of fog and a long green stream. On the mountain are more than 7,200 statues, over 1,300 square meters mural paintings scattered in 194 caves.

Duration: 2 hours
Admission: 70RMB
Address: Maiji Mountain, Maiji District, Tianshui city, Gansu Province.
Opening time: 08:30 – 17:30 in summer; 09:30 – 16:30 in winter.
Public transport: Take a special tourism line 34 at Maijishan Railway Station for about 40 minutes; Take bus No. 5 at Tianshui downtown at 6RMB.


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