Situated at the northeastern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Li River belongs to the Pearl River Basin. It originates from Mao’er Mountain, the highest peak in the south of China.

The whole section of Li River is 164 kilometers long. It is a typical Karst landform and looks like a long green belt that meanders between thousands of peculiar peaks. Therefore it is also commonly known as “Hundred Miles Art Gallery”.

What to See/Do: The essence of Li River is from Guilin to Yangshuo for about 83 kilometers long. The scenery along the river is like a beautiful natural landscape painting decorated with meandering green water, peculiar peaks, deep ponds, geysers and waterfalls. According to its different sceneries, the whole Li River is divided into three major parts, from Guilin downtown to Huangniu Xia (Yellow Ox Gorge), from Huangniuxia (Yellow Ox Gorge) to Shuiluo Village and from Shuiluo Village to Yangshuo. There are numerous scenic spots along the Li River. If your time is limited, these most gorgeous spots should be in your visiting list, such as the one river (Li River), the two caves (Reed Flute Cave and Seven Star Cave/Park), the three peaks (Solitary Beauty Peak/Duxiufeng, Fubo Hill and Folded Brocade/Diecai Hill). It is a great enjoyment to drift and see the reflection of peaks and the green waters, and to listen to the songs of the cowboy, to watch old fishshermen fishing, to visit the simple and natural countryside and to breathe the fresh air here. The best travel time of Li River is from April to October.
Admission: Drifting for the whole section of Li River, namely from Guilin to Yangshuo is 210RMB (A buffet lunch on the ship is included in the ticket fare); Key sections of drifting: from Yangdi to Xingping costing 216RMB, from Yangdi to Jiumahuashan (Nine Horses Mountain Scenic Spot) costing 95RMB, from Xingping to Jiumahuashan costing 80RMB.
Address: Zhujiang Wharf, Yanshan District, Guilin, Guangxi Province
Opening time: From April to Novermber: 08:40-22:40;
From December to March: 08:40-21:40.
Public transport: For the whole section drifting: you can take a taxi at the downtown of Guilin for one hour to Mopanshan Wharf or Zhujiang Wharf at about 100RMB;
For the key sections drifting: 1.) Take a shuttle bus at Yangshuo North Passenger Station to Yangdi Wharf for one hour at 9.5RMB, or charter a minibus at the downtown of Yangshuo County to Yangdi Wharf at 160RMB; 2.) Take a shuttle bus (Guilin-Yangshuo) at Guilin Railway Station for one hour at 15RMB, and get off at Yangdilukou, and then transfer to a minibus (Yangshuo-Yangdi Wharf) to Yangdi Wharf for 15 minutes at 3RMB.


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