Located 6 kilometers southwest of Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, the Jiayuguan Pass is the western starting point of a section of the Great Wall constructed during the Ming Dynasty.

The gate tower here was previously built in 1375 during Ming Dynasty and finished in 1539. It is the most precipitous gate tower among the thousands of passes of Ming Great Wall. It was rated as the first national key cultural relics protection unit in 1961. It is also renowned as “The Greatest Pass under Heaven” due to its strategic terrain and grand structure.

What to See/Do: Jiayuguan Pass is mainly composed of an inner city, an outer city and a moat. The inner city wall has a perimeter of about 640 meters and encircles an area of 25,000 square meters. It is 10.7 meters high made of loess; the western side of the wall is covered with bricks, which are very solid. On the inner city wall are totally 14 embrasured watchtower, turret, attic and gate tower. Inside the Pass are the guerrilla general office, Wenchang Pavilion, Temple of Guanyu, decorated archway and theatrical stage. The whole construction is exquisite and grand.
Duration: 2 hours
Admission: From May 1 to Oct 31: 120RMB;
From Nov 1 to Apr 30: 100RMB.
Address: 6 km southwest of Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province.
Opening time: From May 1 to Oct 31: 08:30 – 20:00;
From Nov 1 to Apr 30: 08:30 -18:00.
Public transport: Take bus No. 4 or 6, get off at Guancheng Fengjingqu; Take taxi at downtown at about 15RMB; charter a car at about 150 or 180RMB.


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