What public transportation options are available in Beijing?

Transport in Beijing is incredibly efficient once you understand it.

Subway- Beijing has 17 subway lines to run every day. Its very convenient.

It covers all the main sightseeing spots in Beijing. We advise purchasing a smart metro card to make your trips hassle free. These cost 20RMB and can be purchased from the ticket office at any subway station.

Taxi Similar to New York you wont go long before spotting a taxi. Make sure to always take the lisenced taxis that you can usually spot by their yellow and green colouring. Ask for a ‘fapiao’ (an invoice) at the end of your journey as this will identify the taxi should you leave anything behind.

Bus You can also use the smart metro card on the buses. Bus route can be a little more difficult to navigate however they can often be your best and cheapest way to get from A to B.

Train Beijing is a transport hub and there are many train routes that can transport you to other parts of the country in a matter of hours.

Plane Domestic flights can be in-expensive in China, before booking a long distance train we recommend checking flight prices as it may save you money as well as time.