What is the food like?

Chinese cuisine is developed based on climate, geography, history, products and dietary habits. The eight core cuisines have come into being through a long history and each has it’s own special cooking methods and flavor.

There are also eight commonly referenced flavors: Lŭ(salty and fresh), Chuān(spicy), Sū(sweet), Yuè(original taste and flavor, delicate and fresh), Mǐn(salty and spicy), Huī(oil and salty), Xīang(oil, salty, spicy and pickled and cured) and Zhè(sauce flavor).

It is common to eat family style in China where you will order a number of dishes and share.

If you are vegetarian it shouldn’t be too difficult to find good food, however please be aware that many vegetable dishes will be cooked with meat products. In the larger cities you will find more vegetarian and vegan restaurants – however vegetarianism is not common in China.