What different styles of food can I expect to find in Chengdu?

In Chengdu, you will find all kinds of famous Sichuan food such as Sichuan Pancakes, Cold Bean Jelly, Sichuan Roast Meat, Mapo Tofu, Double Cooked Pork Slices, Benben Chicken, Cold Pot Fish, Boiled Beef, Pork with Garlic Sauce, Kung Pao Chicken (spicy diced chicken with peanuts).

You will also find food from all over China and won’t be short of western options should you have a craving!

Vegetarian/vegan options:

Shangshan Shishu: The first vegan restaurant in Chengdu. Here you will find a wide selection of delicious vegan dishes.

Sunflower Daddy (Xiangrikui Baba): Located in the center of Chengdu this restaurant offers a selection of food fit for all tastes. The environment is cosy and relaxed.

Geng Yuan: A small restaurant decorated with bamboo and a stone pathway. All the vegetables are sourced locally and each dish pays mind to what is in season.

ZaoziShu: A chain vegan restaurant.