What are the social etiquettes I should be aware of?

When meeting someone for the first time Chinese people are usually prefer to shake hands, you should avoid hugs especially with the opposite gender. When you’re being introduced stand up and remain standing for a while.

If you are invited to dinner by Chinese friends you need not worry about the bill for there is no concept of “going Dutch”. It is OK to offer to pay the bill, but risk embarrassing your friends if you end up chipping in some cash.

When dining do not stick your chopsticks straight up in your rice or lick your chopsticks. Chinese people are extremely enthusiastic about food so don’t be surprised if your host keeps adding food to your plate.

You may make new friends during your stay in China, don’t be surprised if the conversation topic turns to your appearance, how much money you make or your marital status.

If you are invited to the home of a Chinese friend it’s customary to bring a small gift.