What are some of the most famous restaurants in Beijing?

Below we have listed some of the most famous restaurants in Beijing. For the best spots we recommend asking the locals!

Peking Duck-“DaDong” ”Quanjude” ”Little Wang Home””Sijimin fu”

Hot Pot-   Beijing Style: Nanmenshuangrou    

           Sichuan Style: Haidilao 

Noodles:   Hai Wan Ju  ( zhajiangmian )

 Gui Jie “Ghost Street” located between Dongzhimen and beixinqiao with a large number of restaurants open for 24 hours a day. 

Try Huajiayiyuan or Huas Gui Jie.  

Chuanr– BBQ Kebab skewers – unmissable in Beijing; you’ll find a Chaunr place on almost every street.

Q: What different styles of food can I expect to find in Beijing?

A: Beijing is truly a foodie’s paradise. You will find all of the eight famous cuisines of China as well as many different provincial restaurants. Western food is easy to come by and due to a diverse ex-pat community you’ll be hard pressed to find any world cuisine not available in Beijing.

Sichuan food is highly recommended.

Din Tai Fung (http://dintaifung.com.cn/) –Famous as a Steamed dumpling and noodle restaurant with classic taste of Taiwan.