What are some of the local delicacies I should try while in Beijing?

Beijing cuisine has a long history and uses a wide variety of ingredients. You will also find food from all over China in the capital.

Of course you really must try the world famous Beijing Duck. As well as Beijing Chaunr barbecued skewers of meat, vegetables and bread spiced with chili and cumin. Hot pot is also a local favorite, often featuring lamb as the main ingredient. The are many different noodle styles and varieties to try, wed recommend ZhaJiangMian as a traditional Beijing dish, if youre feeling adventurous try some flash fried tripe with it.

In the morning youre spoilt for choice with many vendors serving Baozi steamed bread buns usually filled with meat or vegetables, Congee a savoury dish similar to porridge and our favorite Jian Bing Chinese style savoury breakfast pancakes