Located 18 kilometers southeast of the Guilin City and 30 kilometers away from the center of the Lingchuan County, the Daxu Old Town was first built in 200 A.D. It was one of the four famous towns of Guangxi in ancient times.

Daxu Old Town is located at the midstream and built upon the north bank of the Li River. Surrounding the town are scenic spots, such as Shegongshan Hill, Mopanshan Hill and more. There are still many traditional workshops here, such as bamboo weaving workshops, straw sandals workshops, funeral supplies workshops, traditional Chinese clinics and old barbershops. You can see old man playing cards, chatting with old friends or reading used books at their leisure time here. The best travel time of the Daxu Old Town is from April to October.

What to See/Do: Ancient Buildings: There are over 15,000 bluestones on the road in Daxu Old Town. Alongside the road are numerous houses built with black bricks and grey tiles in two storeys. These houses were well designed. All the houses are composed of the front gate, the front yard, the principal room, the wing–rooms and the back yard. Seeing these ancient buildings, you can imagine the ancient lifestyle at this town. It seems each house is telling an old story.
Wanshou Bridge: Wanshou Bridge was built in Ming Dynasty. It is a single arched stone bridge. Many movies and TV plays shot views here. This magnificent bridge looks like a dragon lying on the river viewing from the distance. The bridge shadow looks like a moon.
Snacks and activities: The snacks, the local traditional culture and the folk activities here are also reasons that it attracts tourists to visit here. The dragon boat regatta is a traditional program held during the Dragon Boat Festival. Besides, tourists can appreciate Guangxi opera, dragon boat song and more.
Admission: Free
Address: Daxu Town, Lingchuan County, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
Opening time: It opens all the day.
Public transport: Take tourism-specialized bus at Guilin Passenger Station to Daxu Town for 40 minutes at 12RMB. The earliest bus departs from the station at 07:30 and the last return bus departs from Daxu Town at 18:30.


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