Located at the foot of Cangshan Mountain, Dali Old City is a quite famous tourists resort. It is also known as “Yeyucheng”, “Zicheng” and “Zhonghe Town”. To the east of the city is the Erhai Lake of bluish popple, to the west is the verdant Cangshan Mountain. The history can be dated back to Tang Dynasty, while the present city was built in 1382 of Ming Dynasty.

Dali Old City is a nice and pleasant place with crowds of tourists at any time. The custom folks here are pure and the pubs are particularly bustling at night. There are wonderful traditional Bai architectures, most of which are well protected. The streets are also busy especially on holidays. There are four gates separately along with a tower and turret. The Fuxing Road that connects south gate and north gate is a very prosperous street, in which marble stones, tie-dyed national handicrafts and jade jewelry are selling on stores. Other streets are occupied with old dwellings, in which flowers and birds consist of stunning scenery. The Huguo Road cross east and west is lovely called “Foreigners’’ Street”, for there are western and Chinese restaurants, coffee shops, and tea houses and crafts stores. The shop signs and signboards are mostly written in English. Dali Old City is the gathering place of literary youths and the “back garden” of idealists. Different complexions of people get together here to live a nature and “Feet on the Ground” life.

What to See/Do: Overlooking Dali Old City from the top of Cangshan Mountain, the four gate towers – South Gate Tower, Wenxian Tower, Wuhua Tower and North Gate Tower are astonishing that make this city an attractive tourist resort. The Bai houses alongside the streets all look quite antique and pristine.
The March and April are the best months to visit Daili Old City. From March 15 to 21 in Chinese lunar calendars, lots of people from home and abroad got there to pray the Goddess of Mercy ever before, but now the activity develops into a trade market and folk physical exercises are held. From April 22 to 24 in Chinese lunar calendars, Bai people will hold a grand activity to welcome god by dancing and singing around three temples – Congsheng Temple on the first day, Shengyuan Temple on the second day and Jingui Temple on the third day.
On September 12 of each year, a special and literary Erhai Lake Music Festival is held at MTB Hotel of Caicun Village, artists get together to show their loves to Erhai Lake in the form of music.
You can buy some souvenirs or crafts such as flowerpots, lamps that are made of marble stones or minority nationality silk fabrics. The food such as Dali fish cooked with earthenware pot, Mugua chicken and carved plum are worth a taste. Besides, you can drink some Sandao Tea as well.
Tip: the best location to see sunrise of Dali is Caicun Village.
Duration: 1 day
Admission: Free
Address: Cangping Street, Fuxing Road, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.
Opening time: It is open all day.
Public transport: Take airport shuttle bus at Dali airport to Cangshan Hotel, and then transfer the nearby bus No.8;
Take bus No. 8 at Dali Railway Station to the terminal station (Dali Gucheng Ximen).


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