As the ancient capital city of People’s Republic of China, Beijing is certainly the first destination for travelers from abroad. The city, that gathers polity, economy, culture and international communication together, is attracting numerous people all over the world. There are over 200 tourist attractions in and around the city, some are within walking distance,

China is diverse and beautiful. Hiking one of its most gorgeous areas can be a great way to enjoy its beauty closely and at the same time to get in touch with nature. Along the way, you are going to see various amazing plants, wildlife, beaches, deserts, grasslands, forests, rivers and moutains. China has all

Chengdu, is a southwestern China city with pleasant climate and marvellous cuisines. Once you come here, you would never want to leave any more. Chengdu is well known for palatable local food and was rated as “the City of Gastronomy” by UNESCO in 2010, making it the first city in Asia to be awarded such

Climbing mountains is a very wonderful thing. There are many mountain ranges in China. The following are top 10 most beautiful mountains in China. These spectacular mountains attract huge number of professional climbers and photographers from all over the world each year. Namcha Barwa (Tibet) Namcha Barwa, located in Nyingchi of Tibet Autonomous Region, is