Located on Qomolangma, Rongbuk Glacier consists of two tributaries: east Rongbuk Glacier and west Rongbuk Glacier. Rongbuk Glacier flows northward and forms the Rongbuk valley at north of Qomolangma. So Rongbuk Glacier is originated from Qomolangma.

La Ken La is a mountain pass which Located in Dangxiong County, Lhasa and has an altitude of 5,190 meters. You can’t miss it if you plan to visit Namsto Lake, as it is just on its way where you can have a overview of the Namsto Lake and have a rest. What to See/Do:

Everest base camp refers to the zone, which is founded to protect core environment of Mount Everest. The camp is located on the place of 5,200 meters high. It is 19 kilometers straight-line distance far from summit of Mount Everest.

Located western suburb of Lhasa, NorbuLingka is listed in national historical and cultural sites. Built in 1740s (the seventh Dalai), NorbuLingka was the place of Dalai Lamas spending summer time and dealing with daily political fairs. It is a typical Tibet style garden and commonly known as “Summer Palace of Lhasa”.

Jokhang Temple is also called “Qokang Temple”, meaning Buddhist Hall in Tibetan language. It was built during Tubo Dynasty of Tibet area by Songzan Ganbu, the king of Tibet, to memorize Princess Chizun, Songzan Ganbu’s wife who was from ancient Nepal. Now the temple is the most gorgeous existed architecture built in Tubo Dynasty, as