Wuzhen is a typical ancient water town in the south region of the Yangtze River and has the reputation of “the abundant land with fish rice, and silk”. In 1991, it was rated as a National Famous Historical and Cultural City of Zhejiang Province.

Mount Putuo is one of the four Chinese Buddhist mountains, the other three being Mount Wutai of Shanxi Province, Mount Emei of Sichuan Province, and Mount Jiuhua of Anhui Province. These four mountains are ashrams of the Goddess of Mercy for preaching to all living creatures.

Located at the bank of Huangpu River in Pudong new area, Lujiazui is one of the main financial centers of Shanghai. Facing The Bund, this vast financial center is the most attractive place in Shanghai and is a typical representative of Shanghai at night.

Laomatou was once called “Shiliupu”, a marketplace where people used to exchange commodities and get together to have a drink. There are traditional Shanghai style alleys lining along the Huangpu River. You may have a seat on the European style balcony and listen to the locals telling the stories of magnates who lived here before