Located 18 kilometers southeast of the Guilin City and 30 kilometers away from the center of the Lingchuan County, the Daxu Old Town was first built in 200 A.D. It was one of the four famous towns of Guangxi in ancient times.

Located at the center of the Yangshuo County, the West Street is occupied with buildings in ancient style, local souvenirs and local specialties. The street is filled with typical exotic atmosphere, therefore it is also called the “Foreigners’ Street”.

Longji Terrace is sometimes a combined name of the stunning terrace sights of several villages of Zhuang and Yao ethnic minorities in Guilin, among which the Jinkeng Village (or Jinkeng Dazhai Red Yao Terrace), the Ping’an Village (or Ping’an Zhuang Ethnic Minority Terrace) are two main sights. The Longji Ancient Zhuang Village is also getting