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Beidaihe feature image

My Beidaihe Trip

I was so depressed that I resigned my job and took a short trip to Beidaihe just to clear my mind and relax myself. I
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My 7-Day Beijing Tour

Beijing, a place with so many different definitions, was like a mystery to me. Well, I simply knew that it is the capital, so I
Mutianyu Great Wall

Tips for Mutianyu Great Wall Exploration

This journal is written to help travellers who want to explore the Mutianyu Great Wall to make a good preparation. I snatch a little time

Beijing Tours

forbidden city group photo

The Central Axis of Beijing Private Tour

On this day tour you will visit Tian’anmen Square, The
8 Hours
Matthew in Beihai

Park and Hutong Tour with a Professional Photographer

A combined Park and Hutong tour providing an ideal insight
3 Hours
old tartar city tour
Top Seller

Old Tartar City Tour with a Historian

It is a historical tour and focuses mainly on traditional
4 Hours
cycling at tian'anmen square
Top Seller

Beijing World & Culture Heritage Biking Tour

This tour covers 2 World Heritage sites (the Temple of
8 Hours
Wall 2

Hike The Great Wall & Visit Gubei Water Town

Hiking on the 3 different parts of the Great Wall
2 days
Great Wall
Top Seller

Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

The dangerous geography and the vast view from the higher
11 Hours
Top Seller

Weekend Wutaishan Trekking Tour

Wutai Shan (or Five Plateau Mountain) refers to Buddhism’s sacred
3 days
old summer palace
Top Seller

Opium War Tour at the Old Summer Palace

The Old Summer Palace stands as a witness to the
3 Hours

A Bite of Beijing Hutong with a Gastronome

As the center of the Chinese empire for more than
8 Hours

Private Day Tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and Other Optional Attractions

Mutianayu Great Wall + Customized Downtown Sightseeing
8 Hours

Private Beijing Day Tour of Must See City Attractions

Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
8 Hours

Private Day Tour of Badaling Great Wall and Forbidden City

Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square
8 Hours

Private One Day Tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and Summer Palace

HIGHLIGHTS The largest royal and most well-preserved park in China
8 Hours
Badaling Great Wall
Top Seller

One Day Private Tour to Discover The Great Wall Sections

Juyongguan Great Wall , Badaling Great Wall ,Mutianyu Great Wall
8 Hours
Mutianyu Great Wall
Top Seller

One Day Private Day Tour of Mutianyu Great Wall and Forbidden City

Mutianyu Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square
8 Hours
Ming Tomb
Best Price

One Day Private Tour of Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tomb

Badaling Great Wall, Dingling Underground Palace, National Stadium-Bird Nest
8 Hours

One day Private tour of Badaling Great Wall with Hutong

Badaling Great Wall, Hutong and Nanluoguxiang Snack Street
8 Hours

Beijing New Experience Tour

Beijing is a fast developing metropolitan city with a blend
8 Hours

Private Day Tour of Badaling Great Wall and Other optional attractions

Badaling Great Wall + Customized Downtown Must-See Attractions
8 Hours

Beijing Escorted Antique Buying Day Tour

Enjoy a totally new shopping experience in Beijing with a
8 Hours

Beijing Family Visiting and Dumpling Making

Paying a visit to a Chinese family offers you a
8 Hours

Private Guided Wild Great Wall Hiking

Customized Itineraries of Wild Great Wall Hiking
8 Hours

Private One Day Trip to Cuandixia Village

It is a historical tour and focuses mainly on traditional
8 Hours

Private Beijing Old City Day Tour

Panda House, Lama Temple, Confucian Temple, Hutong rickshaw tour, Drum
8 Hours

One day private tour of Forbidden City & Other optional activites

Forbidden City + Customized Downtown Sightseeing
8 Hours

Beijing FAQs

Counterfitting is a big problem in China in general and runs a lot deeper than you may first realize. It is possible to take fake money out of a banks ATM so make sure to check your money every time no matter who you are receiving it from.

Use your judgment when people offer you their services. Many scams take place where someone is posing as an official in some way e.g. a licensed tour guide or a monk collecting for charity. Ask questions and be cautious.

You will often find a China Unicom or China mobile stand at the airport – if not there are plenty of official stores around the city.

There are two famous theaters for acrobatic shows – first, Chaoyang Theater offering three daily shows starting at 15:50, 17:30, 19:15. The second is Tiandi Theater their performance is from 19:15 to 20:45 daily.

As one of the five Chinese operas, Peking Opera is regarded as the quintessence of Chinese culture. Liyuan theater is the first tea house theater in Beijing. The performance here begins at 19:30 ending at 21:00 everyday.

A Hutong is an ancient urban alley typical of Beijing. The ancient city has several thousand hutongs around the Forbidden city. Most of them were formed in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. There used to be many more hutongs in Beijing. Most that still exist today are located in the area near Shichahai. The best way to get around them is on foot, or by rickshaw / bicycle.

The most popular museums are:

Beijing Capital Museum

Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution

National Art Museum of China

The Palace Museum

Guan Fu Classic Art Museum

Open Daily: 9:00-17:00

Monday until 16:00

Shijia hutong Museum

Open: 9:30-12:00 14:00-16:30 through Tuesday to Sunday

Closed on Monday

Tickets: Free

Beijing is surrounded by beautiful mountains and stunning natural scenery.

The popular attractions in the areas surrounding Beijing are include the Ming Tombs, the Great Wall at Badaling and the Great Wall at Juyongguan Pass, Longqing Gorge, Black Dragon Pond Scenic Area and First Waterfall in Beijing. SiMATAI Great Wall and Beijing W town W stands for Water. It is located in Miyun area (

These areas are good for tourists to see the magnificent mountains and have fun with waterfalls.

In Beijing, you will see various world famous attractions. Some of the attractions you should not miss are The Forbidden City, The Great wall, Tiananmen Square, The Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Price Gong ‘s Mansion, Yuanmingyuan, Jingshan Park, Nanluoguxiang and the 798 Arts District.

Beijing is a city of four seasons- no matter what time of year you come there are always plenty of activities to do and sights to see.

The period from late August to early November every year is the golden season to take a tour of Beijing, with a pleasant and fine autumn weather. The period from March to May is also a great season with nice weather and blooming flowers.

Some sellers will have enough of a grasp of English to bargain on price with you, although most will have learnt key phrases to try and entice you into buying. Mastering numbers and simple questions like Duōshǎo qián – How much ? will definitely help you to achieve a fare price.

You will find souvenirs all over Beijing! But there are some places where souvenier shopping is even more concentrated.

Wangfujing Street and Nanluoguxiang there are stores selling crafts like Chinese knots, chopsticks, jade jewelery, novelty T-shirts and more.

If your keen to do some bargaining head to places like the Silk market/hongqiao Market as well. You should aim to get 50% off the asking price.

The starting taxi fare is 13yuan in 3 km and additional cost is 2.3yuan per km in Beijing. You will also pay 1 Yuan for fuel each trip.

The starting price will change at night time to begin at 14.

Additional fuel price is changing according to the policy, sometimes we don’t need to pay. So it’s like dont be surprised if the driver ask 1 yuan more than the taximeter shows. )

This card is known in Beijing as the Yikatong, although you likely won’t reap the rewards of the discounts on the subway it does give you an immediate discount on the busses. You can purchase the cards at any Beijing subway station directly for a deposit of 20RMB.

NB: For Subway if you spend more than 100 yuan within one month, you will get 20% off any further trips. If more than 150 yuan, you will get 50% off any further trips.

The last train time varies for each line, most lines stop at around 23:00, each will be somewhere between 22:00 and 00:00.

For more information please visit the official Beijing Subway website

There are about 17 subway lines at present in Beijing, most of the lines can take you to all of the important sight-seeing areas. The subway system actually fairly simple to use and there are many apps and maps available to you so that you can plan your routes in advance. The smart subway card will make your journey smoother and don’t expect to pay very much for each journey as the prices are very low.

Online the official website is  

Ask your hotel where the closet reputable ticket office is? Or buy directly from the train station at least a day in advance. Tickets sell out quickly and in high season can be near impossible to get unless you book well in advance. Please also be aware to leave ample time on the day of travel as the train stations are large and can be very difficult to navigate.

There are four main railway station in Beijing. Most of them are located in the center of the city. Beijing Railway Station (Subway Line 2), Beijing West Station ( Subway line 9 ), Beijing North Station (Subway line 2), Beijing South Station (Subway line 4).    

Airport Express/ Airport Shuttle Bus / Taxi / Private car with GuideWe

The Airport Express offers a direct link between Dongzhimen, Sanyuanqiao and Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 of Capital Airport . It is fast and simple to use.

If you are not sure how to get to your accommodation from those stations or if you are in a larger group we recommend you take taxi or book a private transfer in advance.

Beijing Capital International Airport is the main international airport serving Beijing. 32km North East of Beijing’s city center. The airport express will take you from the Airport to the city’s second ring road (the beginning of the city center) in 25minutes.

There are two airports in Beijing – Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport. Beijing Capital Airport is the largest and busiest of the two and is located much convenient to the city than Beijing Nanyuan.

Transport in Beijing is incredibly efficient once you understand it.

Subway- Beijing has 17 subway lines to run every day. Its very convenient.

It covers all the main sightseeing spots in Beijing. We advise purchasing a smart metro card to make your trips hassle free. These cost 20RMB and can be purchased from the ticket office at any subway station.

Taxi Similar to New York you wont go long before spotting a taxi. Make sure to always take the lisenced taxis that you can usually spot by their yellow and green colouring. Ask for a ‘fapiao’ (an invoice) at the end of your journey as this will identify the taxi should you leave anything behind.

Bus You can also use the smart metro card on the buses. Bus route can be a little more difficult to navigate however they can often be your best and cheapest way to get from A to B.

Train Beijing is a transport hub and there are many train routes that can transport you to other parts of the country in a matter of hours.

Plane Domestic flights can be in-expensive in China, before booking a long distance train we recommend checking flight prices as it may save you money as well as time.

Wed highly recommend booking accommodation in advance in Beijing as the cultural political center of China it also attracts many local visitors all year and you will be competing for room at the inn.

Here are some of our recommended hotels:

Duge Boutique Hotel is located at No.801 qianyuannensi hutong, Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District,  

Old Beijing Square is located at No.A 38, Baochao hutong, DongCheng District,

Chinese Box Courtyard Hostel is located at No.52 Xi Si Bei 2(er) Tiao, Xi Si, Xicheng District

The HuLu Hotel is located at No.91, YanYue hutong, DongSi South street, Dongcheng District.

Sitting on the City Walls Courtyard House is located at No. 57, Nianzi hutong, DongCheng District.

Xiao Yuan Alley Courtyard Hotel is located at No. 12 Lishi Hutong, Chaoyang men south street

Like most large cities there are many different nightlife areas in Beijing. One of the best known is SanLiTun. Including some of Beijing’s biggest and best clubs with many smaller bars and hundreds of restaurants there’s a reason it’s so famous.

The Houhai lake area is a little slower paced. There are a variety of bars around the lake with outdoor seating often with live music acts. 

Nanluoguxiang is not so much a bar street as a fashionable Hutong culture zone that offers a gathering of delicious food, bars, coffee and creative shops. However it is also connected to the Gu Luo area where some of Beijing’s trendiest hangouts can be found.


The most famous is Wangfujing snack street, in particular the Donghuamen night market of Wangfujing street.

If you are a night owl head to Gui Jie with hundreds of food options 24hrs a day. For the artisans Nanluoguxiang is bursting full of Beijing culture, relax in the bars after scouring the long street for cool trinkets and filling up on the plethora of snack foods.

Below we have listed some of the most famous restaurants in Beijing. For the best spots we recommend asking the locals!

Peking Duck-“DaDong” ”Quanjude” ”Little Wang Home””Sijimin fu”

Hot Pot-   Beijing Style: Nanmenshuangrou    

           Sichuan Style: Haidilao 

Noodles:   Hai Wan Ju  ( zhajiangmian )

 Gui Jie “Ghost Street” located between Dongzhimen and beixinqiao with a large number of restaurants open for 24 hours a day. 

Try Huajiayiyuan or Huas Gui Jie.  

Chuanr– BBQ Kebab skewers – unmissable in Beijing; you’ll find a Chaunr place on almost every street.

Q: What different styles of food can I expect to find in Beijing?

A: Beijing is truly a foodie’s paradise. You will find all of the eight famous cuisines of China as well as many different provincial restaurants. Western food is easy to come by and due to a diverse ex-pat community you’ll be hard pressed to find any world cuisine not available in Beijing.

Sichuan food is highly recommended.

Din Tai Fung ( –Famous as a Steamed dumpling and noodle restaurant with classic taste of Taiwan.

Beijing cuisine has a long history and uses a wide variety of ingredients. You will also find food from all over China in the capital.

Of course you really must try the world famous Beijing Duck. As well as Beijing Chaunr barbecued skewers of meat, vegetables and bread spiced with chili and cumin. Hot pot is also a local favorite, often featuring lamb as the main ingredient. The are many different noodle styles and varieties to try, wed recommend ZhaJiangMian as a traditional Beijing dish, if youre feeling adventurous try some flash fried tripe with it.

In the morning youre spoilt for choice with many vendors serving Baozi steamed bread buns usually filled with meat or vegetables, Congee a savoury dish similar to porridge and our favorite Jian Bing Chinese style savoury breakfast pancakes

Once you arrive in Beijing you can exchange currency immediately in Beijing Capital International Airport. When in the city itself you can exchange in most banks and Currency Exchange Business or directly at withdrawal from ATM Machine.           

Please visit the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau – located near The Lama temple subway station, reachable by Line 2 and Line 5. The Bureau is open from 9 am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

The address is: No. 2 Anding men, Dongdajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing.

The address in Chinese is:北京市东城区安定门东大街2号出入境管理处(二环路北小街桥东南侧)