Beijing Botanical Garden

Beijing Botanical Garden

Located just past the 5th ring road between Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) Park and Yuquan Mountain. Beijing Botanical Garden is an integrated garden combining a functional scientific research center with beauty and sightseeing.

The Beijing Botanical Garden houses more than 3,000 plants. The garden can be split into four sectors: exhibit areas, historic sites, natural preservation zone and the scientific research area. The most popular section of the garden is the greenhouse, in which you will find 13 different exhibits including many tropical and sub-tropical plants.

What to See/Do: Exhibit areas: In these areas, you will find the China rose, Chinese herbaceous peony, peach blossom, clove and Chinese flowering crabapple as well as many other flowers inside the greenhouse.
Historic sites:
Sleeping Buddha Temple: The temple was built in the Tang dynasty. A bronze statue of Sakyamuni (one of the names for Buddha) is placed here. In the temple there are many ancient trees and 12 sculptures in total.
Liang Qichao Tomb: This is the tomb of the famous politician and thinker– Liang Qichao, it was built by his son – the architect, Liang Sicheng.
Peach Flower Festival: Each year when the Peach Flower Festival (March 22nd) arrives many tourists come to see the (approximately) 70 different kinds of Peach flower. From the end of March to early May is the best time to see the flowers in Beijing Botanical Garden.
Address: Wofosi Road (Sleeping Buddha Temple Road), Haidian Dist, Beijing
Opening time: 07:30 – 17:00
Public Transport: Beijing Zhiwuyuan Stop by bus No: 318, 360, 505, 630, 698, 714
Wofosi Stop by bus No: 331, 505, 563 or 696


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