GuideWeTravel is community a resource and network for professional tour guides. Joining GuideWe is free of charge but you will experience great benefits, such as:
    A verified guide badge on your profile
    Generate business leads directly from the GuideWeTravel community
    Earn double commission on referral sales
    The ability to list your own tours on the site
    Taking bookings directly from the site

How do I become a verified guide?
After you sign up for a free user account on GuideWeTravel fill out the form below. Licensed guides in China must provide a valid license number. We will contact you, conduct an informal interview process and background check and eventually approve your account. Once you are approved, a verified guide badge will show on your profile.

How do I get customer leads?
The most efficient way to get customer leads is to build up your professional profile by participating in the GuideWeTravel community. Share your images, journey plans and stories with other travellers via your personal profile and the GuideWeTravel Journals. Let GuideWeTravellers know who you are, what your expertise are and what your interests are.

How do I list my own tour on the site?
If you have special routes and would like to promote them on the site, please email us at partner(at)

How do I take orders directly from the site?
If you want to be part of our guide network and take bookings directly through us, please specify this in the form. We will then conduct a formal interview with you. We very carefully select the guides that work with us in this special capacity, to ensure the best customer experience.

I don’t have a license, can I still apply?
You may; however you must demonstrate the skills required to be a GuideWeTravel Guide: excellent language skill and deep knowledge of the area you will providing your services within. We have stricter requirements for unlicensed guides. Once you are accepted, we will help you to grow your professional skills and encourage you to take the license examination.

I’m not currently guideing in China but want to join the community, can I apply?
Definitely! Although we are currently focusing on travel in China, we’d love to build a broader community and expand worldwide. All tour guides are welcome to join, no matter where you are. If you want to help us extend the services to your hometown, let’s partner up.